Dr. Benoît Mariani

CEO, Gait Up

After an engineering degree from Supélec Paris (F) in 2007, Dr. Mariani obtained a PhD from EPFL (CH) in 2012. He has accumulated 8 years of experience in the field of wearable sensor technology.

He has worked on various academic and industrial projects in movement disorder and rehabilitation including gait, running, and swimming with patients and athletes. His expertise covers sensor design, signal processing algorithm, and data analysis.

In 2013, he has cofounded Gait Up SA, a spin-off company of CHUV and EPFL. Gait Up provides innovative solutions based on wearable sensors for sports and clinics. At Gait Up, Dr. Mariani assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer, ensuring a fruitful collaboration within the team and its partners, with a particular emphasis on customers’ needs.

MindMaze & Gait Up: Bridging Virtual and Physical Worlds

Healthcare Revolution via Smart Products

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Healthcare Revolution via Smart Products