Steve Huang

Executive Director, AiQ Smart Clothing

Steve Huang, the co-founder and Executive Director of King’s Metal Fiber Technologies, is a man of vision and determination. Coming from a business savvy family and equipped with a higher education of Solid State Physics, he is cognizant of the balance between technical expertise and the art of corporate management.

After obtaining his bachelor degree from the university of Taiwan, Steve departed for Japan, where he further acquired a Master degree in the studies of super ion conductors. His scientific background guided him to make informed and methodological decisions throughout his career. Persevering through a number of challenging years in the volatile market of business, Steve ultimately succeeded in advancing the corporate hierarchy.

His first job as a manager in a notebook computer manufacture, opened his door to link the world of sciences and that of business management. There, he recognized the importance of product quality and grasped onto the belief that only high-quality products could eventually win the satisfaction and continual support of the market, a philosophy in which he still holds onto tightly today.

Also a man of ambition and aspiration, Steve established AiQ Smart Clothing, and deeply involved into innovative industries. He strives to stay ahead of the industrial trend eager to steer King’s Metal Fiber Technologies and AiQ Smart Clothing from a domestic firm towards becoming an international role-model in the industry.